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The 2021 Security Industry Prediction Trends - Here are some major trends coming in 2021 that cut across a large number of cybersecurity industry prediction reports:

  • Most experts and researchers are predicting that a great number of business globally will fall victim to some type of cyber-crime every 11 seconds this coming 2021 costing businesses billions of dollars.

  • There is not one business that acts alone when providing their services or products to their customers. Most often they have manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. Each one of those components also each have integral parts of their networks. Each step used along the way of any product or service development from its design, manufacturing, to its eventual delivery are all included within the process of the supply chain.

  • The supply chain is the most important part of the formula for the reduction of business costs, to include responses and delivery times for each to their customers. Without a secure, efficient, supply chain management system a business’s success will be limited, because with any weakness it then becomes attractive to most criminal adversaries finding the weak link within any supply chain.

  • According to the latest information from experts and researchers, over the past couple of years they have seen supply chain attacks more than doubling, and in some areas the increases are over 100%. With such a dramatic increase in attacks just in the past few years, supply chain management should be one of the most important security agenda items for every company.

  • Supply chain attacks can take on many forms, some criminals have used a variety of methods to exploit weak links. This means physical assets (hardware), virtual assets (software and cloud related architecture), credentials and vendor accounts are all at risk to some compromise.

  • According to most experts and researchers, there are about eight main supply chain and information security concerns: Theft of information and product,counterfeiting of goods and the illegal reinsertion into supply chain, Cloud access, and their mismanagement, Privacy, the tampering of both soft and hard products, second, third and fourth-party vendors, IoT compromises and Piracy.

  • Most experts are predicting that every business globally will fall victim to some type of cyber-crime every 11 seconds this coming 2021 costing billions of dollars.

  • Because of the COVID-19 epidemic the experts and researchers are worried those past numbers could even double more.  The 2021 security industry predictions crisscross over both supply chain and information security venues and it will have huge security impacts to every corporation as many corporations have begun moving many of their work force from some  level of secure office walls to employees personal homes. With home computing, nearly every employees personal computers, smart devices like mobile devices or smartphones, all are vulnerable to a venue of new attacks through each of these insecure home networks.  These new hackers will have an easier time attacking these home offices as cyber criminals will now take advantage of these third-party unpatched home network systems and all their architecture weaknesses they present. We know now that external and internal passwords have also become a great security failure and will be even more vulnerable through home computing and their unprotected networks.

  • With the evolving new 5G networks, there will be more types of Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) attacks widely available to even criminal networks such as the dark web which will allow criminals to gain access into even more sensitive corporate networks. There will also be new vulnerabilities within these new 5G networks which will continue to evolve as this new technology rolls out across the US and world, some attacks will become headline news especially within the world of the Internet of Everything (IoE) there will be tons of high-profile hacks which will occur.

  • The predicted Ransom and malware evolutions will get worse and worse — with new creative and technical twists mostly because of the vulnerabilities of the aforementioned insecurehome networks. Data theft and network access will happen even prior to any encryption and it will be easier for the criminals to gain access into once secure cloud management systems and server access will get harder to manage. There will be tons of new viral packaging presenting threats and specific targeting of many organizations.

  • With the rush into what we call the Cloud of Everything (CoE) this year of 2021 will have many security holes and challenges with all their misconfigurations and power outages across these vulnerable networks. In the security world and with the drive to stick everything into the Cloud of Everything the numbers of cloud attacks will increase as well as the need for newly developed security products and their quick band aide fixes and patches which will cause even more network complexity issues and worse their integration problems will overwhelm every corporations security and IT teams.

  • Most importantly, as predicted with all these new attacks and quick security patching people will have to make the decision to give up some of their privacy. Nearly every privacy concern will be in a continual flux, with even a great number of users revolting. There will be a need of new laws, and with these new laws will come early confusion and self-regulation which will fail, and the cyber criminals will be the only ones prospering. As digital transformation projects grow, many plans will implode as all these security challenges and the costs to secure against them will mount. I don’t think there are very many entities that will be ready or will be able to afford their costs.

About Us - M2 will cause a “Tectonic Shift” in logistics security. “Making supply chains a competitive edge.”

  • The Matrics2 (M2) 256-bit Global Random Identification Numbering (GRIN) system will enable instantaneous, secure, hierarchical data transfer between all trading partners, and fulfill any inventory integrity management requirement, and also has literally the lowest implementation cost for any platform operation.

  • The M2’s platform will drastically Improve the efficiency and security of all corporate data or information transfers end to end, totally digital and completely cloud based.

  • M2’s omni-channel information distribution will all be synchronized regardless of the partner’s hardware, firmware, or software platforms, protecting against any security issues that might be caused by commingling 2nd, 3rd, or 4th level platforms.

  • M2’s Interoperability interface is simple even within multi-channel ecosystems. The M2’s True random number system (TRNS) is a superior technology to any current practices such asserialization, quasi, and pseudo random number systems.

  • M2 is completely Cloud based and is “Truly global”, it requires only a Smartphone or Smart device to work with and will work across all software or network platform.

  • The M2 platform will eliminate 99.9% of all fraud, malware, and counterfeiting issues as well as has a privacy component of randomization which is completely secure and HIPPA Compliant.

  • Not one bit of our customers cloud datais ever exposed to any malicious codes, because access into M2’s cloud data is completely controlled on a hierarchical (White-listed) need to know basis through each of their random numbers.

  • If desired, each of M2’s customers could have total supply chain visibility with the M2’s omni channel distribution synchronization even in cases of bad weather accidents or border issues.

  • M2 has recently entered into collaborative logistics program in Saudi Arabia for the development of a near real-time, track and trace and load matching system to improve asset inactivity, capacity matching, brokered back-hauling, and be able to have competitive bidding for every job. The collaborative logistics program will be using all variances of transportation logistics to include truck, ship, air, and train.

  • The M2 platform is enabled with their own patented aggregation system which even “today” meets the aggregation requirements of manufacturers from manufacturing and packaging to final sales of the Drug Supply Security Act (DSCSA) proposed for 2023.

  • By taking away 90+% of any human interface out of the supply chain equation because of its unique random number security system the M2 system which can include their 3D virtual yard manager will improve complete efficiency across the board by eliminating most human errors, reduce paperwork, and all that overhead.

  • M2 is also creating a secure real-time financial security payment system for each aspect of the supply chain which will allow M2 to facilitate and coordinate all types of payment transactions within any aspect of existing logistics and supply chain processes.

  • The M2 system will be able to guarantee through their “Random Number” aggregation system, that every customers asset will be enabled with a tracking and tracing capability with the ability to have exact locationing, and timestamping of every transaction that is authenticated, logged, and recorded. This allows any customer to uniquely identify each of their packages even down to a single item within that package.

  • The M2 system will also be able to securely verify and monitor the integrity of each shipments movements and deliveries through each of their legitimate supply chains or transaction paths from thousands of packages or items preventing disruption or diversion attacks on any of their products, it is M2’s goal is to provide the last security inch within each and every supply chain.